Laser Positioning System

Laser Positioning System (LSP) is designed for precise and accurate patient alignment during X-ray and γ-ray treatment. The System consists of three boxes in which there are five modules with long life laser diodes (made in Japan). The System can work continuously for years without special servicing. Two boxes with the help of special cylindrical lenses generate light crosses on both sides of a table with a patient, the third one with light lines is for control of the table axis. The System is safely powered from a 5 V DC (special adapters 220V AC/5 V DC are included). Fine mechanical positioning rails are helpful for adjusting the System during installation and after that no special servicing is necessary.

Technical data of LSP-1 model

  • Laser beam
    • Laser wavelength - 635 nm (red light)
    • Maximum optical power - less than 1 mW
    • Width of laser line – less than 1 mm
    • Angular beam divergence - 0.5 rd
    • EC laser Class 2 (EN60608 and EN60825-1)
  • Electrical data
    • Power supply - 5 V DC/220 V AC
    • Total current consumption - less than 0.4 A
    • Continuous work is acceptable; no limitation on switching on and off
    • EC electric Class IIB (EN60601-1)
  • Mechanical data
    • Dimensions of case of each box -120x120x120mm
    • Possible adjustments:
      • Parallel movement of laser crosses
      • Thickness (sharpness) of laser lines
      • Angular alignment of laser crosses
      • Linearity of laser lines