Photonics and Optoelectronics Set ZO5 for investigation of the optical, electrical and photonics phenomena

The set consists of following elements:

  • laser diode module with stand which emits collimated light beam at 635 nm wavelength (red color)
  • power pack with input voltage of 5 V used for supplying the laser module
  • optical elements
    • Lenses (3 pcs) each with a different focus: 2 convergent and 1 divergent
    • Standard diffraction grating with a constant d = 2.0 μm +/- 0.1 μm
    • Diffraction grating of unknown constant (destined for investigations)
    • Glass Plates (3pcs)
    • Polarizing foil (2 pcs)
  • holders
    • mechanical holder for diffraction grating, polarizers etc. with a stand
    • mechanical holder for lenses with a stand
  • detection set UD 1
    • Photodiode with a stand
    • Multimeter
  • photovoltaic cell
  • Ohm and Kirchhoff laws tester

The Set allows to carry out several optical experiments like:

  1. measurements of the parameters of the lenses
  2. polarization of light by absorption and verification of Malus law
  3. polarization of light by reflection and measurements of Brewster angle
  4. polarization of light by refraction
  5. optical activity of sugar solution
  6. single-slit diffraction and measurement of thickness of hair
  7. diffraction and interference by example of diffraction grating and evaluation of its parameter
  8. measurements of refractive index of the prism
  9. measurements of critical angle for air-glass boundary using a prism
  10. photovoltaic cell parameter tests
  11. Ohm and Kirchhoff laws tests

In order to help in experiments a special 40 pages handbook is included in which there is theoretical background for experiments as well.